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Chelsea Window Cleaning is a full-service window washing company servicing all of New York City and the outer boroughs since 1986. We are New York City’s upper floors window cleaning specialists. Our professional window cleaning staff is trained to provide the safest and most cost-effective method of window cleaning to ensure the highest quality of service possible for all commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning needs. We provide services to building managers, facility management companies, retail stores, contractors, architects, realtors, property owners and tenants.

Our staff is expertly trained in the boatswain chair, belt and ladder work and our lift truck enables us to professionally clean those hard to reach or fixed upper floor windows. Chelsea Window Cleaning also provides removal of hard water stains, mineral deposits and construction debris.

Chelsea Window Cleaning provides a free estimate with an on-site inspection. and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  Proposals will be emailed or faxed within a timely manner. References will gladly be provided upon request.

We are a fully insured company and carry excess liability umbrella insurance and statutory workman’s compensation insurance. Certificates will be issued as necessary upon request prior to any work being performed.

Retail Stores/Restaurants

Chelsea Window Cleaning started over 30 years ago primarily to service retail stores and restaurants. 

We are proud to say we still service many of our original customers and understand the obligation for window cleaning service in a timely and efficient manner.  Our customers range from mom and pop stores, to nationwide and worldwide chains.   We service stores and restaurants all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island; Service schedules can be daily, weekly, monthly, or we can customize a service schedule to meet your needs.

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Lift / Bucket Truck

Chelsea Window cleaning’s bucket/lift trucks enable us to clean those fixed/upper floor and hard to reach windows in a cost-effective and safe manner.

Our trucks are also perfect for cleaning awnings, facades and removal/replacement of flags and banners.

At Chelsea Window Cleaning we gladly work with facility maintenance companies, regional/district or store managers, and visual display professionals to ensure the windows always look their best.

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Boatswain chair

We use the boatswain chair when accessibility with our lifts is not available

Our staff is highly trained in this method of window cleaning and all employees under go safety training classes specifically designed for this specialized equipment.

At Chelsea Window Cleaning we utilize the highest standard of safety and equipment to provide an excellent and cost-effective alternative cleaning method

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Facade Cleaning

Chelsea Window Cleaning has many years of experience is cleaning building facades for commercial and residential buildings.

We use either a hot or cold water pressure washing system to remove all dirt, grease, gum, etc. to restore the original beauty of the surface

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Awning Cleaning

Chelsea Window cleaning will hand wash or pressure wash any vinyl, canvas, or plexi-glass awning with our truck-mounted equipment or water source from the building.

We use green-certified cleaners that are color-safe, won’t dissolve any glue or ink in the fabric and do not leave a residue.


Maintaining the awnings will not only extend the life-span of the awnings, but keep them looking clean.

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Metal Cleaning and Polishing

Chelsea Window cleaning will clean and polish the exterior metal around windows and storefronts.

We also clean and polish the interior metal on stairways railings and displays.

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Services Offered

At Chelsea Window Cleaning, we are dedicated to custom and professional service with safety our first priority. Our staff is expertly trained and has over 30 years of window cleaning experience in the field. We have the personnel and specialized equipment to service all types of buildings, from high-rise to small office buildings, residential and commercial spaces.

Commercial window cleaning is our specialty. Our staff is expertly trained to give our customers the most cost-effective and efficient service possible.

We service all of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long island. We have many years of experience working with National Facility Maintenance companies. Our staff is proficient in the IVR system and processing work orders upon completion of services.

Our residential window cleaning expertise of landmark/luxury apartment buildings, townhouses and historic brownstones is unparalleled. Our technicians wear booties, bring clean drop cloths and are extremely careful with window treatments and furniture.

We will gladly work with concierges to set up appointments at the convenience of the owner.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Full-service window washing company
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • We provide the most cost-effective method of window cleaning
  • Free estimate
  • On-site inspection

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Commercial Window Cleaning, High Rise Window Cleaning, Professional Window Cleaning, Fully Insured - Free Estimates Chelsea Window Cleaning is a full-service window washing company servicing all of New York City and the outer boroughs since 1986. We are New York City’s upper story window cleaning specialists ...



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